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Common Sexual Problems


Sexual problems are generally defined as any problem that occurs in the course of sexual activity. Several factors might contribute to sexual problems. Fatigue and stress are common problem associated with poor libido. Relationship problems, financial difficulties, depression and emotional disorders might reduce sex drive too. There are some diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood cholesterol levels and high blood pressure that affect sexual desire.

Sex Related Problems In Men ( Common Sexual Problems In Men )
    1. Impotency
    2. Eractile dysfunction
    3. Premature ejaculation
    4. Low sex drive
    5. Over masturbation in childhood ( that leads to weak erection)
    6. Penis curve
    7. Poor stamina
    8. In ability to maintain the erection during the entire sexual intercourse

Sex Related Problems In Women (Common Sexual Problems In Women )
    1. Low sex desire
    2. Inability to become aroused
    3. Difficulty in reaching the orgasm
    4. Painful intercourse (Dyspareunia)
    5. FSAD( female sexual arousal disorder) female unable to produce sufficient lubricant during intercourse
    6. Hypoactive sexual disorder etc.

Sexual problems appear to be more prevalent in females, affecting 43 percent of adult women and 31 percent of adult men. When women have sex regularly she feels fulfilled physically and emotionally. She feels young, excited as well as calm. Sexuality is not just enjoying in nights, it is about having good and intimate relationship. A healthy relationship that brings real happiness of life.

A life full of sex, is a life full of satisfaction.

Herbal Products for Sexual Problems
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